Commercial Projects
ProjectMy Role
Cities: Skylines – 4 Expansions
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AirportsPlazas & Promenades
Financial DistrictsHotels & Retreats
Lead Designer & Programmer
Cities: Skylines – 7 Expansions
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Sunset HarborCampusIndustriesParklife
Green CitiesMass TransitNatural Disasters
Programmer (UI, simulation, assisting design)
On The Road
Mobile game for car museum Mobilia.
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Programmer, Graphic Designer
Worked on a physiotherapy application for Kineso Oy.
Hobby Projects
ProjectMy Role
Game Jam Games
Creating experimental game prototypes during a weekend.
My profile on the GGJ Website
Designer, Programmer
Unity Asset Store Packages
I have published some simple helper scripts for Unity projects, mostly during 2015-2016.
Link to Asset Store
Swipe Tennis
A minimalist smartphone game using swipes as a game mechanic.
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Designer, Programmer
Student project, physics-based mobile game.
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Designer, Programmer, Project Manager
Digital version of a popular Finnish traditional game about throwing logs.
2nd place in Assembly GameDev competition 2013.
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Designer (Game/UX/UI), Programmer
2048 FPS
What would happen if the popular puzzle game “2048” was a first person shooter? I tested it.
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Designer, Programmer